Fellow Jumpers,

Welcome to the Eternals, a campaign based on a group of cursed adventurers from across time. Their curse forced them from their own times and bound them together, forever wandering homeless through time.

The campaign will run in the 5e system (Dungeons & Dragons, fifth edition). While I will be playing mostly from the players handbook, I am open to rules, devices, classes, races, etc from other systems. The rules and mechanics will always operate on one premise: is it a good story? If yes I’ll allow it, if not you need to convince me :)

The story will be taking place on Earth as you know it, but actions have consequences. So keep your head down and don’t muck up the future… Or blow up everything and see what happens lol!

We will be starting the story in modern-day Greece, (Athens circa 2006). The group is brand new, only just realizing that they’ve been cursed.

The Eternals (The Time Jumpers)